Full screen infrared thermometer
Full screen infrared thermometer
Full screen infrared thermometer
Full screen infrared thermometer
Full screen infrared thermometer
Full screen infrared thermometer

Full screen infrared thermometer

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★Product introduction:

This product measures the body temperature by collecting the infrared heat radiation from the forehead of the human body. Its operation is simple and hygienic, and the measurement is fast and accurate. The user only needs to point the probe at the forehead and press the measurement button, and the body temperature can be quickly and accurately measured in about 0.1 seconds. , For home and medical institutions to measure body temperature.

Clinical thermometers are mainly used for the detection of human body temperature in public places such as homes, entry and exit ports, airports, customs, stations, docks, hospitals, agencies, factories, schools, hotels and office buildings, which is convenient for screening patients with fever symptoms to reduce infection and epidemics spread.

★Product features:

1. Measurement mode: body temperature
2. Display screen: LED digital display with three-color backlight, clear reading.
3. Measuring time: 0.5 second temperature measurement, convenient and fast
4. Sensing measurement: measurement sensor technology, high measurement accuracy
5. Automatic shutdown: after 60 seconds without re-measurement, automatic shutdown
6. One-key measurement: One-key measurement, simple and convenient operation
7. Alarm function: Fever reminder, when the temperature reaches 38℃, the red backlight and short beep will warn the patient. Better understand physical condition
8. Store data: Memory function of the last 32 groups of measured values, convenient for users to retrieve data for comparison
9. Unit conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius can be converted mutually
10. Advantages: safe to use, infrared measurement, to avoid the harm of mercury vapor absorbed by the human body from traditional mercury thermometers

Product specifications
Measurement method: non-contact infrared temperature measurement
Effective distance: 3CM-5CM
Measuring range: human body model 32℃-42.9℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Working conditions: 16~45℃
Power supply: 7 batteries 2
Automatic shutdown function: 60 seconds

Product size: 150*37*15cm

Package Contents:

-1 x clinical thermometer

-2 x batteries (not equipped)

-1 x blister lining

-1 x English user manual

-1 x color box