Smart Home Essentials: The Latest Gadgets for a Modern Living Space

Smart Home Essentials: The Latest Gadgets for a Modern Living Space

A smart home can elevate your lifestyle, providing greater control and better functionality. Along with your tasks getting easier, you also get to experience the luxury it provides. You can get everything done with just a press of a switch while you are on a plane, on a business trip, or an outing. Home Gadgets like smart doorbells, smart kitchen appliances, wireless equipment for cleaning purposes, smart security cameras, and so on can help you automate your tasks.   

In this blog, you will explore in detail about some of these devices:

Fast Defrosting Tray

Are you tired of waiting for your food to defrost? Not anymore as this Fast Defrosting Tray gets your frozen meat, fish, and other food items defrosted easily and naturally. The thaw plate is made using top-quality thermal conductive materials that accelerate the defrosting process. You will not need any battery or electricity for this gadget. Moreover, this dishwasher-safe black tray comes in the dimensions of 14 inches long and 8 inches wide. It would be very apt to call it a luxury kitchen appliance.

Humidifier 3D Fire Flame


Elevate the look of your modern living space with this air conditioning appliance called Humidifier 3D Fire Flame which has a built-in smart chip and comes with salt rock storage. There is a PP water tank where you can add essential oil for fragrance and enjoy the aromatherapy. The brightness of both the two flame lights is adjustable and comes with two buttons operation. Enjoy the technology of combining oil and water to produce nano mists that help you sleep with warm night light. You don’t need to worry about water shortage as it turns off directly without bothering your sleep.

UV Multifunctional Sanitizer Cleaner

UV multifuctional cleaner

Introducing an appliance cleaner that can kill 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria by using the UV-C LED light. First, you need to connect the USB cable to a power supply and place the item inside the UV sanitizer box. Next close the lid, press the start button, and a green light will start flashing. Wait for three to 5 minutes and the item you had placed to sanitize is absolutely clean. You can use this UV Multifunctional Sanitizer Cleaner to sanitize mobile phones (that are vertically under 6 inches), or watches, credit cards, keys, or jewellery. Moreover, it is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere you want to. 

Smart Home light switch

This Smart Home Light Switch comes with a three-way remote control switch and has a feature for scheduling the time to turn on or off the lights. You can turn the lights on or off from anywhere you want to, making your work easier. The other features of voice control, LED backlight, and app control make this smart home appliance very convenient to use. You need to also keep in mind that it works at a voltage of 100-240V AC and a frequency of 50-60Hz.

Cordless Air Duster

Cordless air dryer

Cordless Air Duster is an appliance cleaning product that can produce a powerful air thrust of 70m/s which cleans even the microscopic dust. You can use it to clean boards, computers, bank instruments, and medical devices. The extended full palm gripping design, and withdrawable nozzle makes gripping easy for the users. The device is highly eco-friendly as it can be used more than 5000 times, saving you much energy and time. You can also use it to dust at night as it comes with a warm heart lighting design.

Time to Upgrade Your Living Space

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